Garage Door Not Working Properly

You might have used the garage door, almost daily. But have you ever thought about how interesting these shutters can be? Read along and find something interesting.

Garage Door Not Working Properly – There is a new trend in garage doors. A garage is no longer merely a place to park and store cars. Today’s homeowners are repurposing garages rather than using them for their original purpose. Whatever the use case is, the garage door is way more interesting than we all think.

In this blog, we shall share some interesting facts about them, let’s check them out.

What was the First Garage Door?

The word ‘garage’ comes from the French word ‘garer,’ which refers to a place where horses live or are kept. Swinging carriage doors or sliding doors were originally used on these structures for horses. This dates back to the time when horses were used for daily commutes.

In 1921, C.G. Johnson invented the first electric overhead garage door. It’s worth noting that Johnson’s son, C. G. Johnson Jr., developed the first remote-controlled garage door opener.

World’s Costliest Garage Door

When most homeowners begin planning for a new garage door installation, money is a concern to consider. The budget constraints also affect the choice of solution when a garage door is not working properly. People want to know what deals are available and how to obtain the greatest bargain on their new garage shutters, considering the brand, style, material, and design.

This is not the case for everyone, however. Consider this $350,000 garage shutter shaped like an aeroplane hangar. This US mega-mansion owner paid more for his door than the Ferrari he keeps there!

Usage of Unique Materials

Wood, imitation wood, steel, aluminium, and glass are the most frequent materials for garage shutters. Between these materials, there is something for everyone! However, some businesses go above and above to produce true pieces of art out of unusual garage door materials.

The best example is the Axolotl garage doors. These luxury, high-end garage doors use materials like concrete or terracotta to achieve amazing effects.

Annual Usage

On average, homes go through 1,500 opening and closing cycles each year! Schedule monthly maintenance to keep your garage shutter system running smoothly year-round, and handle any garage door repair requirements as soon as you discover them!

Let’s Talk About Art

Creating distinctive garage shutter designs and bespoke doors is a great way to make your home stand out. However, some homeowners take the concept of bespoke garage doors to a whole new level.

Introducing garage door art, where anything is possible and your imagination is the only restriction to your garage door style and design.

The Largest Garage Door

Imagine overhead doors that are so tall that they take 45 minutes to open completely! NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building in Florida features the world’s highest garage doors. They are required to enter the rocket assembly bay.

Most Common Colour

White is the most common garage shutter colour, which may not come as a surprise. However, what we find astonishing is the variety of colour customisation possibilities available!

Clopay and UK Roller Garages Door are some of the leading garage door brands on the market. They work with Sherwin Williams to provide over 1,500 colour possibilities for a garage door using their Colour Blast technology.

Shop for the Best

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